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Tring Interclub Intimate LandScapes Competition



Up to 14 clubs in the CACC region are invited to take part in this PDI Competition.


The 2024 competition evening is set for Thursday 21st March 2024.  It will be held on Zoom. All members of the participating clubs are welcome to attend.  A link will be distributed shortly before the event.

Each club must enter 5 Intimate Scapes, each taken by a different photographer.

There will be a prize for the best club and the author of the best image.

Entry Date & Requirements

Entries are required from each club by no later than 1st March 2024.  

The file name of each image must be in the following format:

Club name, Image number (1 to 5), Title, Author

e.g.  Tring CC, 3, Water Scene, Peter Cox

A spreadsheet will be supplied for you to send an overview of the details of all 5 images.

Image Format & Size:

Please send your 5 images in JPEG; sRGB, using a 16:9 aspect with the longest edge being 1600 pixels and the file size no greater than 5MB.

On the night, we will display the images, using a 16:9 ratio. We appreciate that some photographers: 

  1. May want to ensure that the aspect ratio of their images is aligned with the aspect of 16:9.

  2. Might, where the images are not in this aspect, (e.g. square, portrait or letterbox) want to define the colour of the area outside of the image area, to thus fit the 16:9  aspect. (Note that the default surround without such fill, will be a mid grey)

  3. Both of the above are optional and not a requirement -  we simply want the best quality images that can be delivered in a 5MB max file size!


We are fortunate to have two wonderful judges:

  • Maria Leekblade – a highly respected photographer and judge from South of England who is known for her understanding of creative photography – Maria had great feedback on her judging of this competition ion 2023.

  • Gordon Brown  – A very experienced and knowledgeable judge, - he tells us: "I look for images that create a mood and an atmosphere, images that tell a story and have depth to them.  Light is vital to me and the way it illuminates and makes a subject glow.  These ideas of course then influence my approach to assessing and critiquing an image.

The judges will pre-judge the images and swap notes in coming to an agreement on the scores for each image, prior to the Competition night.  Both will attend on the night and rotate in giving feedback on the images and announcing their agreed score.

All entries and the results will be published on this website. Authors must therefore agree to their entries being published on this and and any other website that may be used for publicity related to the event.  The authors retain their personal copyright at all times.

The date of the Competition is deliberately set to be before entries are required for the Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) and the Close Up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) competition, thus acting as an opportunity to test potential entries for these National competitions.  The images could also be used as entries to the CACC Championship Day

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