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Martin Malies

I am a photographer with a passion for the natural and man-made landscape. My enthusiasm for exploring new places squares nicely with this. 

Martin is currently working on a website and this will be added here, when available.


What attracts me to Intimate landscapes?

The bigger landscape offers many photographic opportunities, but it can be overwhelming, confusing or even uninspiring. At such times I find refuge in the intimate landscape, which offers a world of opportunity for those willing to look closer and concentrate on the smaller details. 

In pursuing the intimate landscape, I am more likely to create images that are personal and unique, taken not just for what they are but for what they represent and the emotional response I get from them. 

Subject matter can be natural or man-made, whole or part, abstract or realistic. I have a particular fascination for man-made based compositions in urban settings, concentrating on dilapidated subjects which are more challenging than pristine subjects. 

My aim is to make beauty out of the ordinary, ugly, neglected or forgotten, and turn them into works of art.

A tip from Martin....

What I look for in considering potential close-up images:
-    An interesting arrangement of shapes, colours and textures. 
-    Soft natural lighting to ensure true colours and clarity of detail, although strong lighting can improve modelling where necessary.
-    The ability of the subject to trigger an instinctive, passionate reaction.

About Martin....

An experienced lecturer in landscape and close-up photography, presenting with prints or projected images. 

He holds the distinctions of MPAGB and ARPS, together with EFIAP gained from acceptances and awards in international exhibitions. His images were shortlisted in Close-Up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) 2020.

He is now retired from working as a Chartered Surveyor, enabling him to devote more time to photography and to South Manchester Camera Club where he is a member and helps to organise their annual print exhibitions.

Galleries of some Intimate Scapes by Martin....

The content and images on this page are the copyright of Martin Malies

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