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David Southern

Photography has been in my blood from the moment I picked up my first camera.   

Along my photographic journey, I’ve taken pictures in a great many places around the world including several years recording the conservation projects of The World Wildlife Fund, (WWF). Much of my current work is focused on subject matter much closer to home - The intimate landscapes found along my local Northumbrian coastline. I let natural colours, drifting seaweed, sedimentary rocks and slow moving sea provide my subject matter. I find these attractions a source of greater inspiration than the charismatic castles and vast sandy bays that lie within easy reach of my home. The aim is to capture images that entice the viewer to unravel a mystery and to see a familiar subject in a new or fascinating light.


What attracts me to Intimate landscapes?

There can be a great thrill in finding visually pleasing images in the less obvious subject matter. Scouring stretches of beach, rocky outcrops or forest glades in search of captivating little vignettes can be both rewarding and mediative.


Taking my time and slowing down also allows me to become sensitised to the environment and to enjoy the sounds and smells around me. It is important to feel the spirit of a place in order to try and convey the experience through the medium of a two dimensional photograph.


The activity of looking for patterns, colours, textures and shapes is both liberating and inspirational.


Once a subject is found, I will have to work out how to distil and frame an often visually chaotic scene into some semblance of order that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


Translating the commonplace moments and scenes into photographs that cross over into the world of abstract and ambient art, can be a highly rewarding process. It can also gives the photographer a freedom to develop their own sense of self expression in their work. 

Gallery of some Intimate Scapes by David...

A tip from David

It is often stated that it is important to impose a personal style to your work.


While I don’t disagree with the merits of this, I believe it is also important to not let this constrain your work. A certain flexibility is needed in order to adapt to various subject matter and having very fixed preconceived ideas such as a desire to capture some known composition may stifle other creative possibilities.

About David.....




I became a full time photographer after moving to Northumberland in 2018. It was always my ambition to spend more time building a coherent body of work and find my voice as an artist.


Moving to a home close to the sea allowed me to realise this ambition. My recent work has concentrated on more subtle intimate details of rocks, sea, sand and seaweed rather than the grander landscapes. Being immersed in the natural world is when I’m most at ease.


My work has been widely published in books, magazines, calendars and galleries and I’ve won awards in a number of national and international competitions. I am an experienced public speaker and mentor.


My first book 'Shoreline' was published in Spring 2022. Shoreline is my personal celebration of the fascinating landscapes in miniature found along my local coastline.


David recorded two podcasts in 2022 - please click on the links below:

In Autumn 2022 the Magazine 'Outdoor Photographer' featured the work of David.

The content and images on this page are the copyright of David Southern

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