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Chris Palmer

I confess to being a “photo-holic”, embracing all aspects of photography, but regard myself primarily as a pictorialist, and love working in the landscape. I particularly enjoy the thrill of discovery when out on location, whether it be in the countryside, on a beach, in a town, or city. 


What attracts me to Intimate landscapes?

I have always been drawn to the detail within a location, rather than the entirety of it. A chance to demonstrate a more individual and personal way of selecting and seeing, to draw the viewer to a little cameo that many might pass by. 
Additionally, it is often the case when we are out photographing, that the big view picture doesn't offer much. Perhaps the light is unhelpful, the sky is bland, people are in the way, or there is a distinct lack of features that might produce a good image. However, down at our feet is invariably something that we can photograph.

I embrace the saying that "a part is greater than the whole", and intimate landscapes are an excellent way of demonstrating it photographically.  I have expanded on this theme in an article on my website called 'Detail in the landscape'.

Gallery of some Intimate Scapes by Chris....

A tip from Chris....

Take your time!  All too often we rush around and chase the clock, driven by things that need to be done, and other places to go.  Spending time in a location before you start photographing can be very beneficial, to acclimatise, a period of assimilation, a time to allow your senses to respond to the location, and for your eyes to 'see'.  The more time you spend in a place looking, the more you will invariably 'see', and subsequently photograph. 

About Chris....

A busy national PAGB judge and popular lecturer, Chris has visited many different camera clubs, and judged regional, national and international exhibitions. He serves on the RPS Visual Art Panel, and provides advice at RPS distinction workshops. 
He holds a Distinction of the PAGB and has received an APAGB award for his services to photography. Chris has had success and gained awards in international exhibitions when working for his AFIAP & subsequent EFIAP qualifications. Now retired from working as an Air Traffic Controller, Chris is a member of Amersham PS.

The content and images on this page are the copyright of Chris Palmer

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