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Tring Interclub Intimate LandScapes Competition


The Brief

Intimate LandScapes

seeing the small scene....


An intimate scape is one in which you’re selecting and isolating a small scene that captures your interest and presents an ‘intimate feel’. It might be a smaller part of a wider scape, it might also be a smaller or close up composition that focuses on shapes, lines, colours, textures or patterns. It is a view of a scene in which any object of focus, is surrounded by its context. 

The scape can be land, sea, water or urban, but, whatever the content, it must be an ‘intimate’ scene.
The challenge encourages creative submissions - close up and macro;  black and white or colour; multiple exposure and other creative techniques.”  


 This competition is an ideal preparation for making entires to both the Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) and the Close Up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) competition and CACC Championship day

Remember that winning these kind of competitions requires images that are outstanding, impactful and technically perfect!

The format required of the images entered is jpeg, sRGB no greater than 3MB

Note that this is a small change from previous years - it swaps 'Cityscapes' for 'Urban' and the requirement for it to be celebrating the natural world, has been removed - encouraging a wider range of compositions - especially urban and including man-made elements. 

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